The Retro ad - The process to a final image

I thought it would be fun to show what goes into making a successful spot illustration. My client required an ad which would highlight the rather technical service of "retro-commisioning" a building. What follows is the process of how I arrived at the final image which solves the problem in a fun and eye-catching way.

This is the final illustration for the Rand Retro ad. As one can see, I put a crazy amount of detail in this image. If Rand ever wanted to run this as a billboard, I've got that covered. 
An early rough comp. I thought viewers would enjoy seeing all that goes into the final ad. here's a initial concept drawing to illustrate the idea of bringing your building to "retro" commissioning. 
An alternate concept. What's more retro than a Middle Ages Castle?
Near finished. Rand wanted me to pursue the Disco era theme. It was a fun illustration but unfortunately, while it was eye-catching, it didn't totally convey the concept of "bringing your building up to modern standards that will stand the test of time."
The finished ad with the final illustration. Fun, futuristic and brings home the concept. Win!
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