The House of Dreams is non-profit no-kill cat shelter in Portland, Oregon. They asked me to help produce a pitch video for their indiegogo fundraiser. They're trying to raise money to cover needed repairs on the furnace and gutters. This is needed to help the house, and the kitties, get through the cold, wet Northwest winters. If you can find it in your heart to support this, please donate. For more info please go to:
In regards to the video campaign: 
The Concepts
The House Of Dreams work was done pro bono. I worked closely with Dan Wheeler, the executive director of the shelter, to develop a simple pitch video and campaign that could be sent out to The House Of Dreams followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (1800+). We also posted the work on Google+ Communities, Youtube and Vimeo. 
The campaign consisted of the main video, which of course featured the wonderful cats of the shelter, plus extra vidoes of outtakes from the shoot. The videos were in HD format but they were also converted to 15 second Instagram videos.
The wackier footage from the shoot was also converted to short animated gifs which were posted on the web on Reddit, Imgur and other websites were we could be assured of getting the most visibility.
The Result
While The House of Dreams had planned to run their fundraiser for a month on Indiegogo, they managed to make their goal WITHIN 5 DAYS. (Update: By the end of the month, the fundraiser had made $7K over what was their initial goal of $5k!)
Exceeding the Goal
Dan and I realized that since Indiegogo allowed the campaign to continue there was no reason to stop gathering donations. So we planned to keep the fervor going by using the footage we shot of Dan introducing the various cats. These are going to be cut to short "Meet The Kitty" videos. Then I would also use my illustration background to create a series of sketches and painting of the kitties. These would be awarded to donors who gave over $100 who shared the campaign's page on social channels and included the phrase "I love (cat's name here) #WeKeepKittiesWarm."
How's that for using the power of the web and "cat"vertising?
This is an "outtake" video that was created to keep the interest in the Fundraiser going. It was released on a variety of social media outlets and was also converted to a 15 second Instagram version.
This is one of the first drawings I made for The House of Dreams. The cat's name is "Doctor Cross". This work is being awarded to any donor who gives $100+ to the fundraiser and also shares the fundraiser to their social media channels with the message "I Love Dr. Cross #WeKeepKittiesWarm"
These are some of the animated gifs distributed around the web with backlinks to the indiegogo page. Yeh, I know. It's a crazy idea, but oddly enough it helped get the word out.
This is one of the videos that was formated for and distributed to Instagram.
There's a few reasons why I'm posting this to Behance:
1) While I didn't make a dime off this work, it was a blast to shoot and create, plus it's a worthy cause. So if you have a charity and could use a novel marketing campaign, pitch to me. If I find it worthy, I'll help you out.
2) I get use my video AND drawing skills. What's not to like?  The more a project challenges me the better.
3) I'm sure there must be a cat lover or two on Behance.
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